Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting creative by creating content

I thought I'd share with you a few of the free web tools I think are really cool for creating content. You can create promos, informative and instructional things in a fun and informal way. Then you can share them on your blog, facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. Our clients are expected to be expert content creators and we need to be too so we can support them. Here's a little animation I created a while back for a presentation I was doing for some students. I used which is a text animation tool.

Today I discovered storybird which is really beautiful digital storytelling tool. You choose the theme and it chooses illustrations for you. No embed code though. Here's the one I made.

Google Searchstories is a really quick and easy way to get a message across- see my blogpost on that more more info. I used photobooth to record the video on one of my recent posts. Mostly cause I liked the fish background! I've also used as an alternative to powerpoint and for screencasting

Some others I'm going to have a play with:
VoiceThread  is collaborative visual storytelling with audio
MakeBelieveComix is a really cool comic creation tool. A little bit complicated but loads of features. I tried to make one and had a #fail after much tinkering and felt too defeated to start again.
Animasher looks really fun, using your photos to create wacky animations
Vuvox is like a multi-media slideshow and Glogster is an interactive poster - definately has potential.

Happy creating, library folks.


  1. Wonderful - thank you Sophie :)

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