Monday, June 21, 2010

iphone meme & iphone love

Today I was feeling particularly fond of my iphone. So I decided to take part in the meme. I'm actually often fond of my iphone and a colleague (who must know this) shared this article with me recently about what students can teach us about iphones. I cringed when I read some of the student responses and thought "I feel like that', 'I do that', 'I've said that'... yes I'm in the 9% who admit to patting thier iphone...

So, this my home screen. There are a few highly used apps that are not on my home screen. Angry Birds is one. A highly addictive game - if this was on my home screen I think I'd play it twice as much. As it is, I've reached the highest level and everyday I'm on the lookout for an update... I also use sporcle, kindle, calculator, meebo, ABC and dropbox. Of all my music apps I like FingerBeat, tonepad and VoiceBand the best. Glee is good too. Of my ereader apps Classics (most like iBooks) is great except it takes too long for the page to turn and Freebooks has a great range. Kindle is the most basic of all the reader apps but it's the only one you can buy newer stuff with. Now onto the home screen...

Tweetdeck -have been using this one for a while and I'm not convinced it's the best but I like that it's easy to create new saved searches on the go

Facebook - love being in touch with my fam and friends who are yet to jump into twitter

Hipstamatic - my favourite camera app. Like an old plastic camera it takes photos like a lomo. Different film and lenses to choose from!

Camera - regular camera for the odd times when Hipstamatic doesn't cut it

Settings - cause I like them handy

Weather - It's not very reliable but I walk to work so I need to know how to dress and I like to know what the temp is at all times (is that wierd?)

Evernote - still trying to find the best note/todo app. Not sure if this is all I want it to be but it's pretty good

Photos - gotta have em handy. I take lots and upload lots

Clock - I need to set my alarm for the morning and check what time it is on the other side of the world for skyping

Calendar - synced with ical calendar and my work calendar. I get alerts for everything and it is awesome

Maps - I don't like to get lost

i-nigma - QR code reader. I should probably move it off the home screen since I don't use it all that often but it's definately the best

Messages - I heart texting

App store - I'm obsessed with finding, testing and updating apps

iTunes - I actually don't use it that much on my iphone. Mostly on my laptop. I should move it off

Phone - of course

Mail - synched to gmail and work email which is great! Except on weekends when I'm tempted to see whats in my inbox...

Google - "Friend to all librarians" @haikugirloz

Safari - not sure if I need safari and google but I do use both. I like that safari saves my search history, favourites etc.

iPod - most used app by far - while walking to work, at work to block out distractions, at the gym, on the bus, etc.

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