Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Library day in the life

I just had a week off after a really busy period at the library and I've returned to an equally busy period. All my own doing because I'm constantly coming up with ideas for new and fun things we should try. All these things seem to be coming to fruition at the moment including writing a paper for InfoOnline 2011.  This 5 min Library day in the life video gives you a bit of an overview of what's been going on. I even show you my new owl badge and my ipad. It was made using photobooth on a mac and then I edited in imove. All I did in imovie was add the opening and closing credits and edit out me coughing. So easy!

The next week for me entails: vod/screencasting and editing, writing lesson plans, teaching IL classes, writing a paper, demonstrating podcasting, hosting a visit by a visiting academic, doing library tours, meeting with academics, law database training, meeting with special needs students.... is that all?

I keep promising myself that I'll get better at not doing 'too much'. I don't seem to be getting better at it yet but I still have hope.

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