Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winding up #blogeverydayofjune

When I read the tweet from @flexnib a month ago asking who wanted to #blogeverydayofjune I thought, "tell her she's dreaming"! I couldn't fathom writing a blog post every single day! Needless to say, by the end of the day I felt I had no option but to join in because I think I could sense the potential magnitude of this experience. At first it was hard to write everyday but now at the end I feel like I'm just getting started! Someone said early on, the key to a good blog is having something to say. Did we ever! Not only did we blog but we commented too. AT times it was hard to keep up. I definitely got addicted to checking how many people had viewed or commented on my posts. I'm still not over that actually.

This has been an amazing experience for me. Learning so much about all of you who have participated by blogging, commenting and tweeting. And learning so much about myself. I've found my 'voice' for blogging and it has evolved over this month in collaboration with all of you. By creating a dialogue with the wider library community I've found my authentic voice, one that is passionate and brave, curious and forward thinking (I hope). Best of all it's a mix of personal and professional because you shared with me and I felt I could share with you. We created a trusting community of collaborators. I think that's awesome.

I've been inspired to think more about where and how I work, and the impact I have on others. I've been encouraged to value enthusiasm, creativity and fun in the workplace. I've cemented my interest in the future of libraries, information literacy and Library 2.0. I've been constantly thinking about blogs, blogging, libraries, librarians to the point that all my (non-librarian) friends know about #blogeverydayofjune and now ask me "how's your blog?" with genuine interest! Best of all, I feel connected to a vibrant community of librarians who share ideas and learn from each other. That's a yay!

I don't think I'll be able to keep blogging everyday because it has been a bit intense but I know I'll blog more than I ever did before. I really look forward to meeting all of you at conferences etc. when we get the chance. And I hope this is something we can do every year? Thanks to all of you, the thrill of blogging will be with me forever.

p.s. image is a quick sketch I just did of owl waving goodbye!

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  1. Good idea about the yearly event thing :P Hopefully we can suck more people into joining us! A bit like a film fest for blogs.