Monday, October 26, 2009

Riding the wave and feeling confused

It's been a little while since my last post due to a few things happening at the same time: I got a new iphone! I got a new job! I got a Google Wave invite! So I've been busy playing and testing and adding apps and playing some more. So far I think Google Wave is not what it was hyped up to be - mostly because you can only 'wave' with people who got an invite (unless you go ::public) so you can't use it like your normal email/communication system yet. The big word is yet. While it's use is a bit limited at the moment I still believe it will blossom into a most majestic tool for commmunication and collaboration once it's out of preview mode and integrates more fully with other google products such as gmail, docs, reader etc.

So far, I've been a bit dormant on the GWave while I get a handle on it but I have connected with 'librarians who wave' and 'AUS and NZ librarians who wave'. Don't be shy...

If you managed to snag an invite and just don't get it yet - check out these tips by LifeHacker such as how to filter waves, save searches, make a wave public and bounce bots. Very good to know! Also, check out this post which explains how to connect with fellow wavers, the unofficial Google Wave blog and some potential uses of the GWave. For anyone needing even more - check out Mashable's guide to all things Google Wave.

Even after checking out all those things you may still be a little confused (like me) - don't panic. Just go with it for now and be sure that it'll all just suddenly make sense one day (I hope). I really think this will be an amazing tool one day very soon. Be patient, keep playing and enjoy the ride!

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