Tuesday, October 6, 2009

QR code watch this week

While out and about this week I've discovered a few more interesting uses of QR codes. While in Melbourne for a writing workshop I came across this one (originally uploaded by mstephens7) at RMIT Library which leads you to some text asking you to SMS your ideas for how the library can use QR codes. What a simple idea!

The next one I found is on the Curtin University Library website leading you to their mobile site which is quite good. I like the podcasts and computer availability.

The next one I think is great is this walking QR code advertising. While I'm usually uninterested with the use of QR codes for marketing purposes - I think you'll agree that this one is quite cool. It is promoting a poetry competition in Japan. Just think of the possibilities in libraries! Takes the term 'rovers' to a whole new level.

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