Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Information literacy for ubiquitous learning

Today Jemima McDonald and I presented at the ALIA Information Online conference in Sydney. The title of the paper was Information Literacy for Ubiquitous Learning. A quick summary: to create an environment where ubiquitous learning is possible you need to understand the context of your clients - who they are and what they do? The focus was on two of our special events - Library Fun Day and Research Week. We also discussed the vodcasts/screencasts we've made which are available online and on mobile devices. Our prezi is here for your viewing pleasure. As we said during our presentation, everything described is the work of a very talented team of librarians who are not afraid to come up with ideas, learn from each other, collaborate with people inside and outside the library world, and experiment with what works best for our clients. We are also very lucky to have a management team that allows us to experiment, that encourages us to come up with innovative solutions to issues and continue to improve our services.

Hope you enjoy!
p.s. Happy to answer questions here via comments since there was no time during our session.

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