Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mobile support for learning, teaching and research

This is the presentation I gave today as part of the m-libraries 101 virtual conference hosted by QUT in Brisbane and organised by the wonderful Kate Davis. Meredith Farkas was the main presenter and gave a fantastic overview of mobile technologies and the way they can be used by libraries. The other speakers were Sarah Steed from ACT libraries and Richard Gray from UNSW. It was a fascinating look at the different ways libraries are investigating, playing and experimenting with mobile technologies. This was my first time participating in a virtual conference using Elluminate and it worked very well! The only problem I had was the lack of audience engagement as I was talking. Ever tried talking to a blank computer screen? It takes getting used to!

Some of the slides are probably not very self explanatory - I should probably provide commentary. Maybe I'll add the link to audio when I get it. Feel free to ask me questions. Hope you enjoy!

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