Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Writing with passion and endurance

A while back I wrote a post about a workshop I attended on 'Developing skills in writing and delivering papers' and the subsequent workshop I co-ran for colleagues on the same subject using prezi! Today I found myself attempting to finish a paper and thought... take your own advice... stay calm... it'll be all right. (I really have to thank my colleagues for being so understanding). Last night when I posted about the difficulty of writing, I'd really dragged myself to the top of the mountain. Today when I came back to it I was able to traverse the mountain and by this afternoon I'm coasting down to the finish line. I find it's always the same when I'm writing. I get to a point when I'm researching when by brain feels like it will burst with all the new ideas that are forming and then again when I'm trying to write, all those ideas are fighting to get on the page. Once the ideas are out on the page I find the hard work is mostly done. That's where I'm at right now. It is an act of endurance, yet I love it. While still in the throes of completing this paper, I'm already thinking about the abstract I have to submit next week. Ludicrous yes, but I feel compelled to do this. Why? I'm not sure. I love new ideas and researching a paper is the best opportunity to really investigate what other people are doing in order to think about how you can do things differently. I also get really excited by theory... yes those big words. I'm excited by the thought of linking the practical and theoretical to perhaps shine a light on things in a new way. I'm even getting excited writing this right now. Does anyone else love writing even though it sometimes destroys them? Please share.


  1. I'm absolutely c#$p at writing but I enjoy the process of researching a topic in prep for writing up e.g. an essay or report - for me the time to reflect and digest ideas, particularly new ideas is important. The reworking stage is crucial, usually the draft is dreadful & the gradual fine tuning is the trick.

  2. I really struggle with writing. I haven't been willing to do the endurance bit you mentioned. This blogging is really pushing me to not expect to explore EVERYTHING I'm interested in verbally. I'm sure there are many of my friends who are enjoying the space. Perhaps I will be a little less lazy about writing and researching in the future, and can learn to enjoy this process as much as I enjoy talking to others about new idea.