Friday, June 25, 2010

Behind the scenes fun

Two things I enjoyed behind the scenes at the library today. We have a whiteboard in our staff tea room which is usually not used very much. However, last week someone wrote on there - 'what are you reading'? The board is now full of all the books people are currently reading! While it is anonymous, I really like seeing what else is being read by people I work with. I also like to see a participatory spirit in action and it's been exciting seeing the list grow all week. It's great to see that someone has added 'tags' to the list, well only one tag - (vampire)!

Secondly, also behind the scenes: I'm currently participating in the 10,000 steps challenge with an all library peeps team. We only started on Sunday so we're sill keen-as and rearing to go (well a few of us are anyway). Today we went walking at lunchtime and it was really fun to get out, be active and have some fun in the fresh air! You should try it! I can also recommend a well deserved pitstop on one of these walks - even if the walk is only 30 mins - you need to hydrate!


  1. both cool ideas... must implement something similar :)

  2. The only thing that would get me to voluntarily exercise would be a hydration stop as a large part of the exercise. Perhaps I could modify slightly the weekly walk around the Uni here. There are at least 7 pubs within walking distance. Thanks for the idea!

  3. We're in the 10,000 steps challenge too! What's your team? I'm in the Swinburne library team "worn out shoos", @haikugirloz is in a different team, not sure of name.

    Loved the conversation you got going on your white board!