Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 things meme

30 things I've done this month in addition to #blogeverydayofjune

1. Wrote a paper
2. Wrote an abstract
3. Visited my family in the wilds of NSW
4. Visited my partners family in the wilds of Bayview
5. Pulled sweet potato from the ground and made soup with it
6. Helped a friend in dire need
7. Helped a sister in slightly less dire need
8. Documented my owl collection
9. Reinvigorated my interest in cameras and photography
10. Participated in 10,000 steps
11. Had my last swim in the ocean for a while
12. Brushed up on Kurzweil and Dragon software
13. Made Italian Biscotti
14. Read 4 books
15. Started knitting in remembrance of my nanna
16. Started wearing my scarf collection in earnest
17. Designed cover art for a friends album (that I also helped record earlier in the year)
18. Contemplated life, death, relationships and the meaning of it all
19. Attended a double 5th dress up birthday party
20. Saw two films in the SFF
21. Went to the Bienale of Sydney at MCA and AGNSW
22. Attended a talk by Frank Howarth from the Australian Museum
23. Attended a student hub workshop
24. Attended a talk on new learning commons
25. Attended a talk by Kevin O'Brien on the Aboriginal notion of Country in architecture
26. Attended a meeting with my pod/vodcasting community
27. Saw Animal Kingdom at the Academy Twin Cinema before it closed down
28. Saw Toy Story 3 in 3D with my nieces and nephews
29. Started to feel more a part of the Australian library community
30. Learned the value of blogging


  1. Nice! Hope you are feeling better soon...

  2. Great meme! Something to blog about when June ends ;)

  3. Thanks for this meme - I've been telling friends that I just don't know where my time has gone. Having to come up with 30 things that I have done this past month has made me realise just how much I have achieved so THANK YOU - we should do this every month

  4. I started knitting a tea cosy because a) Mr Nearly 13 wants one for when he makes a pot of tea and b) when I was in Bathurst the window of the ABC bookshop was filled with Tea Cosies, knitted from a book called Wild Tea Cosies and they were AMAZING. I knit about as well as Chewbacca would, but figure a simple tea cosy can't be that difficult....